Burgos Prepares for Pro Debut

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)   Carlos Dixon and Trevis Burgos are boxing best friends who have been training together for years.  "Man, that's my brother in there.  We've been training together for over three years now," said Burgos.  On Friday, April 27th, Trevis and Carlos will be fighting professionally on the same card for the first time ever as Trevis is making his professional debut in the KFC Yum! Center.

Trevis is hoping his professional debut goes as well as his buddy Carlos' did in Freedom Hall last summer.  A first round knockout victory.  Burgos has patiently awaited his shot to turn pro, and feels having his buddy Carlos and Carlos' dad, James Dixon training him is a blessing.  "Boxing is a lonely sport.  You know, you're in there by yourself.  You're in there by yourself when you're fighting.  It's you verses your opponent.  It's just y'all in there.  To have somebody that understands.  Somebody that's in the same boat, that's big," said Burgos.  Dixon does have some advice for his brother in the ring.  "Oh yeah.  That's my little brother.  Just stay calm.  Just stay calm.  Relax, and don't look for the big shot, make the big shot," said Carlos.

The sky is the limit for Trevis and Carlos, and like a proud dad, James Dixon is confident both can bring him world titles in the near future.  "I'll stand on this, I truly believe I have two of the best fighters in the region," said James Dixon.

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