Derby Reminder: Be sure to stop and enjoy the week

Derby Reminder: Be sure to stop and enjoy the week

By Doug Druschke
WAVE 3 News Chief Photographer

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's Monday of Kentucky Derby week at WAVE 3 News.

Hopefully, we are all rested, ready and excited. This is the week where an entire year of planning comes alive. What you see on television will be polished, professional and plentiful. From Sunrise at the Downs, the bed races and the Pegasus Parade to Oaks and Derby days, the amount of hours worked by WAVE 3 News staff, both on-air and off, will be insane.

Everything from pre-produced stories about a Kentucky Derby-winning horse's newest foal, or where to buy the most or least expensive Derby outfits, to live broadcasts of the pill pull and Great Steamboat Race have to be carefully planned out, and it takes weeks, if not months, to get to air. It takes phone calls, scheduling, ordering equipment and making sure our batteries are as charged as our attitudes. It takes research. It takes coordination.

WAVE 3 News is the official station for the Kentucky Derby. We don't take this lightly. We know there will be celebrities watching while they get their makeup on or their bow ties tied. We know there will be thousands of out-of-towners enjoying our city this week. What we want is to put the best of Louisville, and Kentucky, on TV. Some of it will be crazy. Some of it will be stressful. All of it will be exciting. We will help you pick your favorite horse. We will show you the outfits. We will show you the races. We will do it with pride.

So, to the folks at home watching: Please know there are reporters, photographers, producers, directors, engineers, writers, camera operators, digital producers, assignment managers and many, many other people behind the scenes working a Seattle Slew of hours, in whatever weather Mother Nature throws at us, doing everything they can to get the likes of John Boel, Shannon Cogan, Kevin Harned, Scott Reynolds, Lauren Jones, Brian Goode, Kent Taylor and David Mattingly, to name a few, on TV to entertain, inform and delight the masses.

We hope you watch, we hope you like it, we hope you win at the track. But, most of all, we hope you enjoy Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday in May. We sure do.

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