Louisville natives, Kentucky Derby winning owners

Louisville, KY (WAVE) - Three men, all from Louisville. All who once roamed the halls of the same high school on Poplar Level Road.

Jack Wolf, St. X Class of 1967, and Clint Glasscock and Tom Mueller, St. X Class of 1989, all have something else in common now, they are all Kentucky Derby winning owners, thanks to Justify.

The three are partners in Starlight Racing, along with Louisvillians Ed Glasscock, Anita Cauley, Rick Kueber, Ted Nixon, Lansdon Robbins and Jim Shircliff. Together they are the first Louisville owners to make it to the Kentucky Derby Winner's Circle since Hamilton Applegate in 1914. He owned Old Rosebud.

"He turned for home with the lead, and I just lost control of myself as you've seen in the video but it was the ultimate thrill, I've been dreaming about it, but to actually live it's pretty amazing," Clint Glasscock said. His celebration was recorded by his friend Drew Deener.

"I saw him come down the stretch, I knew at that point he was going to win," Mueller remembers. "I was very excited and everybody is hugging and jumping and I look over at Wolf and he's just kind of standing there, I was like, does he not know that this horse is going to win? He did show a little bit of emotion, I think he was trying to figure out if Audible was going to get up for the exacta."

The group also own some racing rights in Audible, who finished third, but was in a photo for second with Good Magic.

"I don't think it's really sunk in on me that we've actually won this thing," Wolf said.

Wolf started going to the races with his mom and grandfather at Miles Park. He's been in the business for around 30 years, and had Blue Grass Stakes winner Harlan's Holiday in 2002, the Kentucky Derby favorite finished 7th on the first Saturday in May. His first of seven Kentucky Derby starters before this year.

"Got a good answer when somebody on the airplane says, are you in the horse business? Yeah, have you ever won the Derby? Now we can say yes, so that has a pretty good ring to it," Wolf said.

Glasscock has been in the business over 20 years. His dad got him started in the game.

"It's been a life long dream, it's a dream, my ultimate goal was to get dad hopefully to win it, and so you know that was the ultimate," he said through clinched teeth. The hug was emotional after that dream became a reality on Saturday.

Mueller is the newcomer to the sport. He first invested in 2011, but has had plenty of beginners luck.

"You see them come down stretch and that's when you finally realize, we're finally going to do it, this is my fifth and sixth Derby horse and there's obviously 20 every year, so I thought it might take me 50 before I'd have a shot," he said.

The group purchased racing rights, with no breeding interests, in both Justify and Audible in February, with hopes of having a horse to cheer for on the first Saturday in May.

"My line has always been, until we got a piece of it, we're buying Grade 1 horses,it doesn't matter if we win the Derby or not, it feels a little different now though," Wolf said.

The Preakness is next for Justify and Glasscock is already thinking Triple Crown.

"As impressive as Justify has been, I think you start to think, even unbiased people, you listen, I think I heard he's 1-2 to win the Triple Crown," Glasscock said.  "I actually have a ticket at 8-1 to win the Triple Crown, which I got about three weeks before the Derby, and I thought was the dumbest bet ever, now it looks like a pretty good wager"

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