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Ohio beagle saved from euthanasia shows love for new pal in viral photo

(Source: Facebook/Schenley Kirk) (Source: Facebook/Schenley Kirk)
Gregory and his new owner (Source: Facebook) Gregory and his new owner (Source: Facebook)

It's a heartwarming photo: Gregory the beagle shows his new companion Joe Kirk instant affection after being rescued from euthanasia at an Ohio animal shelter.

"The BEST Freedom Ride Picture EVER," Schenley Kirk posted on social media. 

The photo, which has been shared over 9,000 times on social media since he was picked up on May 1, shows Gregory on his "freedom ride." He was resting his head on the shoulder of Joe in the car.

"This is why we Rescue," Kirk wrote.

Gregory was rescued from the Franklin County Animal Shelter and taken to the Kirks Hound Rescue and Sanctuary in Findlay, approximately 45 miles south of Toledo. The sanctuary provides a special place for dogs to live without the threat of being euthanized until they're adopted.

The beagle is heartworm positive, but his new family at Hound Rescue and Sanctuary says they will provide the treatment needed to ensure Gregory gets healthy again.

Kirk and her husband are asking for donations to help with the dog's heartworm treatment.

An adoption is pending for Gregory once he's medically cleared. 

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