May 11, 2018

Dr. Bryan Eckerle

May is Stroke Awareness Month. One person dies every 4 minutes from a stroke and almost 800,000 people experience one each year. Dr. Bryan Eckerle, neurologist for the Norton Neuroscience Institute, talks about the symptoms and effects of having a stroke.

Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death. Kentucky in particular is in the middle of the Stroke Belt in the United States. Stroke is more common in men, African Americans, and is rising among Hispanics. Keep yourself safe and aware by getting a free stroke assessment by clicking here.

Stroke Symptoms
B – Balance: a sudden loss of balance or coordination
E – Eyes: a sudden change in vision or trouble seeing
F – Face: smile. Does one side of the face droop?
A – Arms: raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?
S – Speech: Is speech slurred or strange?
T – Time: If you observe any of these signs, call 9-1-1 immediately

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