Earliest Alert

The front we have been tracking all week to our north has now settled into WAVE Country.  Expect scattered showers and thunderstorms to develop/fade/re-develop over the next 12 hours.  We should see a calmer setup overnight with some fog.

Rain totals could be impressive for some with localized 1-2" amounts.  There will be some of you that won't see a drop.  Hopefully your thirsty lawn will get picked.

Once we move into Thursday and Friday, the front basically washes off the map and the tropical low to our south becomes the main feature.  As that happens, our wind and weather will start moving...backwards.  The counterclockwise flow will transport any showers/thunderstorms that develop...west from the east.  Be aware of that when checking the radar.  Again, localized amounts over 1" possible.

The setup is a bit more...interesting Friday.  The low actually jogs backwards itself to the northwest.  This will likely keep us overcast with fairly widespread coverage of showers.  Highs will struggle through the 70s.

The question for Saturday will be how quickly does this low move back east....and away from us?  That will be key on the amount of "dry time" we pick up.

That is important as our pattern wastes no time with yet another front moving in from the northwest on Sunday.  This will bring the rain chance back in the form of thunderstorms.

I am noticing that front wants to stall next week near Kentucky.  This would keep our afternoons busy with scattered thunderstorms while remaining warm/humid with highs in the 80s.

I am still watching the tropics for the end of the month as it relates to another cold front moving our way.  More details on that in the coming days.