Earliest Alert 5.18.18

Has the rain missed you so far? Maybe today will be your day.  I know it took until yesterday for my house to finally get some rainfall.  
Of course, we don't want too much of a good thing.  The risk for flash flooding will remain with such a high water content in the air right now.

The storm/rain motion today will be from the south/southeast to the north/northwest.  Keep that in mind when you check the radar on the WAVE 3 Weather App.

The low will be mainly west off I-65 the next 24 hours.  There is a risk for a lobe of showers to rotate in Saturday morning, but that risk looks low for now.

Another lobe will pass through during the heating of the day.  This looks to pass right along I-65 just as we heat things up.  Thunderstorms will likely develop over that zone at that time then quickly track to the east toward I-75.  So yes, there is a rain chance Saturday...but at least if anything does develop, it won't last long and will get pushed east.

Our setup changes on Sunday when we get into a better wind field aloft just north of WAVE Country.  This will lead to complexes of thunderstorms to race west to east.  The first one looks to be near sunrise Sunday.  It should fade as it approaches our northern counties, but a small rain chance will be there in case the fading process is slow.

Then we look to enter a hot period of the day with 90 or so possible.  The next belt of wind passes through during the afternoon and will spark thunderstorms near I-70.  They will then dive more south/southeast as they will be attracted to our hotter/more humid setup in WAVE Country.  With this in mind, some of them could contain some damaging winds as they drop in from the north. This would be mainly Sunday evening.  Stay close for updates on this as we get more information on the timing/location of that wind belt.

Next week will be a battle of a dry high pressure to our northeast, and a stalled cold front to our southwest.  I think the front will be close enough to keep the rain chance in daily.

Meanwhile, still watching the tropics for development near FL over the holiday weekend.  Still too early to say if any of its moisture will get pulled toward WAVE Country or shunned more out to sea.

Video update is attached!

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