Windsor's NC Police Interview Shown In Court

By Justin Wilfon

(LOUISVILLE) -- The Louisville man accused of killing his wife and son before fleeing to North Carolina was back in court Thursday. At issue: whether Shawn Windsor's taped interview with North Carolina police should be admitted as evidence at his trial. WAVE 3's Justin Wilfon has the details.

For the first time, Shawn Windsor's interview with North Carolina police was shown in open court. The tape was the subject of a pre-trial hearing on whether it should be allowed at trial.

For prosecutors, it is a key piece of evidence, but the defense filed a motion to keep it out, saying Windsor did not agree to the interview.

Authorities conducted the interview the day Windsor was arrested in North Carolina in July of 2004, seven months after he allegedly killed his wife and son in Louisville.

On the tape, authorities ask: "So, are you willing to talk to us about the homicides?"

Windsor replies: "I'm not saying anything man. I don't even know what's going on."

But the questioning continued, and Windsor kept answering.

"Do you know that your estranged wife, Betty Jean and your son, Corey have been murdered?" asked the detecitve.

"I didn't have any idea," Windsor replied.

"Don't know that they're dead?" asked the detective.

"No," said Windsor.

"You don't seem very affected by it," said the detective.

Prosecutors say Windsor's unemotional reaction to his wife and son's death, is the real reason the defense wants the tape thrown out.

"Anytime the defendant has given an incriminating statement, they would seek to suppress if they have grounds to do so or if they believe they have grounds to do so," said prosecutor Carol Cobb.

The judge did not rule Thursday on whether to suppress Windsor's North Carolina statement, but he should be issuing a written ruling sometime within the next month.

Windsor is due back in court November 1 for another pre-trial hearing. His trial is set for July, 2006.

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