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Earliest Alert 5.23.18

Do you feel the difference yet?  Most of you do with the north/east wind and drier air working in.  The exception is closer to the TN border where there front is still nearby and therefore higher moisture levels.  

We will all benefit from the dry air and clear skies tonight to allow for lows in the 60s and even several mid/upper 50s overnight!  Normal low for Louisville is 59°, so you can tell we have been unusually warm/humid to get excited about being "near normal" tonight :)

Another day of nice weather ahead for Thursday.

Once we move into Friday and Saturday, the south wind returns as well as the moisture.  

It will not rain all weekend.  Having said that, but mindful of the afternoon risk at play.  They will be scattered in nature and fairly slow-moving.  Lightning and VERY heavy rain will be the issues with the thunderstorms this weekend into Memorial Day.  Even if you avoid the downpours, it will be very humid out with little effort needed to sweat.  So be careful running around outside...take some breaks!

Keep the WAVE 3 Weather App handy for the radar alerts you will get if downpours develop near your location.  Especially important when it comes to lightning. 

It will be a summery weekend with highs 85-90 every day.  

The pattern is going to be hard to snap out of considering how blocky the upper air pattern is.  There is a chance at some dry spells as we enter June, but the signal to return to more of a humid/downpour pattern returns in the latest long term data.  

This could be the summer of humidity rather than high heat.  Then again, I have witnessed many summers that can flip from a wet pattern to a hot/drought setup in just a few weeks time.  We have a long way to go yet with the summer pattern.  

Today's video is attached and will cover the setup mentioned above!! Make it a Goode Day!

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