Hoosier Hysteria Visits Huber's

Starlight, IN (WAVE)   It was a banner day for a school hoping to hang a sixth banner in Assembly Hall.   Romeo Langford is staying home.  From the moment he put that IU hat on the Romeo Langford affect could be felt all across the Hoosier State.  "People are excited from Lake Michigan to the Ohio River," said Indiana Athletic Director, Fred Glass.

A record number of Hoosier fans poured into the event hall at Huber's Farm and Winery for the Hoosiers annual visit thanks in part to Romeo.  "In a lot of ways I think the quintessential Hoosier, right?  I mean he's from Indiana obviously.  Stayed at New Albany.  Could've gone to prep school.  Maybe had some pressure to go to prep school.  Stayed here," said Glass.  "Romeo's ready to go to work.  He's a baseball guy.  He's a willing learner," said IU head coach, Archie Miller.

With the addition of Langford, IU now has the #1 recruiting class in the Big Ten.  Couple that with Jawan Morgan coming back, a return to the NCAA Tournament is not out of the question.  "We're going to put him and all of our guys in an environment where they're pushing it, they're getting better, but at the same time I want to see some competition," said Miller.

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