Police in NC testing cameras mounted on handguns

KILL DEVIL HILLS, NC (WTKR/CNN) – A North Carolina police department is testing a handgun-mounted camera that records from the barrel of the firearm.

For nearly two months, the Kill Devil Hills Police Department has been testing out the gadget, which shows what officers see when they draw their weapons.

"Sometimes our body cams can be skewed by an officer's arms or something," said Detective David Pierce with Kill Devil Hills Police. "When an officer pulls his gun, that's a type of use of force, and that allows us to show that our officers are truly justified in the type of force that they're using."

The department said they're helping manufacturers test out the device, which comes with a flashlight and attaches below the barrel of the gun.

The camera activates once the officer draws the gun from the holster. The camera cuts off once the firearm is put back in the holster.

The camera costs between $500 to $700 – which would be pricey, considering that 19 patrol officers would have to be fitted with it.

Although officers said the camera is easy to use, it's not something the department will be purchasing anytime soon, as it would be best used in a high crime area.

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