Make it a Goode Morning!

Our awesome weather will only get awesome-er!

Another cold front is moving in later tonight.  But this one is coming in from the northeast which is a bit backwards.  Which is why we call it a "backwards" cold front.  S/SW winds feed moisture ahead of cold fronts.  We are just now gaining that direction today, but the flow is weak.  That means this front will not have enough time to pull in the moisture ahead of it to really produce a widespread rainfall when it moves in tonight.  Having said that, there will at least be *some* moisture to work with.  That is why the rain chance is in the forecast for areas to the north/east of town where the warmth of daytime heating today will time out better for fuel for the front.  Once it gets closer and closer to Louisville, the dry air will win out and the radar will once again become quiet.  Most of the rain chance tonight will take place when many of you are sleeping to the north by the way.

We all benefit from the cool/dry air that front will bring.  That's a PLUS! So expect our highs Wednesday to get knocked down a few digits. Same with the humidity level.

Once we move into late week, the south winds will return. This will increase the heat and moisture & the 90s will soon return.

Another front moves in this weekend from nearly the same direction as the one for tonight.

However, it will be a slower.  This means it WILL have time to gain moisture for thunderstorms.  There will even be some wind energy aloft that could produce complexes of thunderstorms day and night that we will need to monitor.

It doesn't look to be a washout of a weekend, but the risk for thunderstorms will be there for sure.

There are signs this front wants to push south of Kentucky by early next week to give us another awesome period.  But, there are more signs that the front will struggle in that southward push...keeping the humidity and thunderstorm risk around.

This one needs more time in the oven, but I am leaning toward the slower idea for now while not ruling out those of you to the north/east getting the chance to see the front pass you to the south.  So hang in there!

I will cover all of this in today's video PLUS a look at the July trends showing up.  More heat or will we see SPRING in the SUMMER? 
Make it a Goode Morning!