June 12, 2018

Norton Healthcare

Dr. Jung, Kentucky's only dermatologic oncologist, discusses skin cancer awareness and melanoma. She treats high risk skin cancer patients and skin-related conditions related to chemo, bone marrow transplant or skin metastases from other cancers.

Steve Heilman, System VP Ancillary Services & Chief Medical Info Officer for Norton Healthcare, talks about quick, convenient professional care a click or call away for common summer issues such as rashes (heat, poison ivy, etc.) swimmer's ear, foodborne illness (upset stomach, diarrhea). Norton eCare providers are available 24/7 for non-urgent medical concerns using your cell phone or computer with the Norton Healthcare MyChart. The eCare provider will give you a treatment plan after diagnosis or let you know if you need to go to an immediate care center or the emergency room. Norton eCare is not for emergency situation. Call 911 or go to the emergency room for urgent medical care.

Tips from Dr. Jung
-Do not get sunburned as it can increase the risk for skin cancer 
-Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher everyday
-Keep newborns out of the sun
-Stay in shade between 10am-4pm
-Wear sunglasses
-Wear sun-protective clothing
-Do skin checks for odd looking moles, new growths

The "ABCDE" rule can help you identify what melanoma might look like compared to a regular mole or growth:
Asymmetry – a line through the middle will not create matching halves
Border – uneven borders
Color – various shades of color in one growth
Diameter – larger than a pencil eraser
Evolution – a change in a previously noted growth

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Derby Dinner Playhouse

Derby Dinner Playhouse presents
Runs through July 8
$39-$49; group rates available (groups of 20 and more)
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Derby Dinner Playhouse presents
June 16, 23, 30, July 7
9am breakfast show, $17
Noon lunch show, $22
(812) 288-8281

The summer camps are sold out but click here to keep up with upcoming camps and workshops.

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