Make it a Goode Morning! 6.14.18

WAVE 3 Weather Blog

We don't get to enjoy cold fronts too often this time of the year.  So let's soak this one up :)

The features of this front are headlined with the lower humidity values.  Temperatures are down a few notches, but still very warm.

We will start to build the heat back tomorrow and certainly over the weekend into at least Tuesday of next week, Perhaps even Wednesday.

The humidity will creep back northward as well once our cold front fades off the map to out south over the next 24 hours.  It is helping block the humid flow until then.

We look to stay dry for while with one minor bump tomorrow morning.  A complex of thunderstorms will take place tonight across IL.  They will drop to the SE toward either Jasper or Evansville toward sunrise.  The setup locally isn't as prime for them to keep going, so they will fade out.  But could they still remain on the radar to enter at least that zone before they do? Yes. That is possible.  I have a very low (10%) chance for a t-storms early tomorrow to account for this.  Something we will be watching.

Otherwise, it will be your typical pop-up thunderstorms during this heat wave that hold any promise of rainfall and heat relief.

The heat index is going to get up there.  With the lush/green ground we have...the amount of moisture from the plants is going to be fairly high.  You combine that with the flow from the Gulf of Mexico and you end up with heat index values (what it feels like) exceeding 100° for a few hours in the afternoon.  Take many breaks and keep an eye on your neighbors and pets!

A cold front is still on the map for mid/late next week that will do its best to smash down this heat and increase clouds and thunderstorms.  It will be a battle, but it should make some ground into the region by that time.

After that?  Well, the video covers that :)

Make it a Goode Morning!