Make it a Goode Morning/Weekend! 6.15.18

Well, the rain that was possible this morning to our west did hold in the data and eventually became reality.  The best moisture and energy is certainly west of I-65 today.  So this is where the rain chance is for this morning...and perhaps some isolated re-development in that zone this afternoon.  The good news with this is the cloud bank from it all.  It is allowing for a slowing heating up process today.  I still see us catching up in a hurry after lunch to make it near 90 degrees. But at least if you need to do some mowing or yard work this can take advantage of the overcast skies to help you stay outside longer.

We will continue to build this heat shield over the weekend.  There are some weak points within it. This looks especially true with an arcing of moisture around us.  Almost like the letter "C".  So if you are more east-central in WAVE Country, the odds of a downpour to randomly develop is very very low. Even for the rest of us, the chance is like 10%.

The heat index remains the main headline with values over 100° expected at times for the weekend and even into early next week.

I remain cautious about how much this front next week will make headway into WAVE Country for relief.  I do think we will see enough of an increase in cloud cover and scattered thunderstorms to move the high temperature range just below 90 degrees.  However, it wouldn't surprise me if we spike near that or above it again even late week and the following weekend.  Quite the hot and humid pattern.

At least the rainfall coverage the next 5-6 days looks sparse enough to enjoy pool time, cookouts, fishing, festivals, etc.  It is summ---late spring after all!

Make it a Goode Day!