Make it a Goode Morning! 6.18.18

WAVE 3 Weather Blog

Over the heat yet?  
Most are, but I know the the heat still has some "groupies" :)

Highs will remain close to 95 for a couple more afternoons, then clouds and some thunderstorms will help ease that level a bit.

The heat index will still push over 100 degrees at times this afternoon & Tuesday.  So as you already know, take it easy out there!

The change in our pattern will come with a front that will drop in by Wednesday.  There will be a few outflow boundaries from thunderstorms to our north that will try to sneak in a few t-storms north of Louisville late Tuesday and early Wednesday.  Eventually that action will set the stage for our scattered thunderstorms into Wednesday/Thursday.

Other than your typical "pulse" type of severe thunderstorm warnings for gusty winds, most of these will be gully-washers.  I am not talking about all-day rains here, but they will be scattered in the region with some hazy sunshine mixed in a times.    This means 90 degrees is still reachable with this pattern, but 80s are more likely due to the increase in the clouds and thunderstorms.  It will still be quite humid out.

A more interesting feature is on the map for Friday.  A low pressure will track from Missouri northeast into the Great Lakes.  The current timing would overlap the best strong thunderstorm potential with this one across the MS River to our west.  We would likely get the "leftovers" Friday night late.  However, that timing is far from being locked in so we will need to watch that.  A possible upgrade to an Alert Day could take place after we get better data on that setup.

I will cover all of this PLUS the outlook into July along with a BONUS look at some new Fall & Winter 2018-19 data rolling in today...

Make it a Goode Morning!!