Make it a Goode Morning! 6.19.18

WAVE 3 Weather Blog

One more afternoon with a heat index that could reach/exceed 100° at times.  
The thunderstorm risk is there, but remains low.  Just keep the WAVE 3 Weather App handy in case the ones that develop today are near you!

Some picked up more than .50" out of the spotty downpours yesterday.

Over the next 24 hours out pattern will start to change.

A boundary will work in from the north.  Scattered thunderstorms along it will attempt to build more to the early as overnight tonight.  So I kept the rain chance in for southern Indiana to account for this.

The radar looks a bit more active, yet disorganized when it comes to the thunderstorms.  This means 90 degrees is reachable for those that avoid the downpours the longest.  However, once they will drop into the muggy 70s.  Some of the thunderstorm clusters tomorrow could be locally strong/heavy.

The pattern evolves even more so Thursday into Friday as a low pressure moves in from the west and attaches this this boundary near us.  The low path looks to be St. Louis ENE into northern Indiana by Friday night.  The heaviest of rain is to fall along that path and along the boundary.  This is where flash flooding is more of a risk.  The data is still varying a bit how much of WAVE Country will be in that risk zone but be aware of the flash flooding potential with this setup.

In addition, there will be some modest wind energy ahead of that low pressure.  That piece will drift over us Friday afternoon/night.  There is still a muddy look to how much sunshine we will gain Friday.  That will play a part in just how much of an organized threat of severe wind gusts could develop.  SPC doesn't have us "outlooked" just yet for this potential event, but that could change.  If we get more data on this trend, an Alert Day will come out as a 'heads up'.

For those wondering about the doesn't look dry.  There will be a front (tail) with this low that will slide in behind it Saturday and Sunday.  It continues to show signs of stalling out in the area which could lead to scattered thunderstorms both days.  Especially in the afternoon periods.

High pressure will try to punch in next Monday to push this front "tail" to the south to bring a brief dry period to the region.

So as you can see, lots of changes coming over the next few days as the radar turns active again.  Stay close to our forecast adjustments!!

Make it a Goode Morning!