Attorney: Video from JCPS school bus exposed student being raped multiple times

JCPS settles suit following sex assaults of student with special needs on school bus

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Jefferson County Public Schools will pay $500,000 to the family of a special needs student who was raped multiple times on a school bus.

JCPS said the assaults were caught on bus surveillance cameras in January of 2016.

The attorney for the family, William McMurry, described his client as a non-verbal man on the autism spectrum. The victim is a Ballard High School student who was assaulted at least five times by another student.

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"This perverse assault on this non-verbal autistic young man is just the worst thing I've ever witnessed in my entire career," McMurry said.

In McMurry's demand to JCPS, he described the assailant as having a behavioral disorder with a bad history.

"My client experienced emotional pain, but he cannot communicate it and cannot be helped through the process," McMurry said.

Emails show the victim's mother requested a school bus aide.

Her concerns stemmed from her child having a feeding tube. She also noticed him coming home with his shirt and pants on backwards.

"It should have been obvious to the Jefferson County School system," McMurry said. "If you have a non-verbal autistic child, that child is at risk of being bullied, assaulted, attacked, or raped."

JCPS employs 117 special needs transportation aides for their 154 special needs bus routes.

After discovering the assaults during routine review of bus footage, the victim's bus was assigned an aide.

"It's too little, too late," McMurry said.

The man driving the bus was originally held responsible for not reporting the incident. His termination was reversed to a suspension.

The settlement was reached over a year after the video captured the rapes.

"He will have funds to help make his life a little bit easier," McMurry said.

The assailant is a minor, so there is no way of telling if he was charged in juvenile court.

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