Make it a Goode Morning! 6.28.18

WAVE 3 Weather Blog

Ready for this heat wave?

Likely not.

This one will last a good 10 to perhaps 15 days.  
Thunderstorm chances look to exist daily, but quite spotty in nature.  There are a couple hints of waves that may enhance those chances including one Sunday night into Monday.  But the heat will remain the main head.

The core of the heat will be to our west the next 36 hours.  This will keep our heat index below advisory levels today (which is 105°) but will push its limits Friday.  The heat does expand a tad more on Saturday that that looks to push us to that make or even above it.  We have Alert Days out to cover the excessive heat as we are moving into dangerous levels if you are exposed to it too long without precautions.  Be safe out there "Swifties"...

The heat does relax *some* Sunday into Monday with the increase in some cloud cover and perhaps a few thunderstorms.

However, it will re-establish itself over the Plains near the 4th or 5th...sending us back to advisory level once again.  We will fine-tune that when we get closer.

The trend is still there to break down this heat sometime in the 11th-12th time period.  The flow will become more from the northwest, which will put us back into the strong thunderstorm zone.  At that point, we will need the rain if we don't get decent downpours before then.

You can't go too long without rain this time of the matter how wet it has been.

Stay safe!

Make it a Goode Morning!