Corey Taylor Sports Performance is helping area NFL players stay in shape

Corey Taylor Sports Performance is helping area NFL players stay in shape

Louisville, KY (WAVE) - It's the offseason for NFL players, but with training camp right around the corner, the time to get in shape is now.

"Your legs are a little tired and fatigued now," personal trainer Corey Taylor said.  "We've got to stay focused mentally. You know what I mean."

That's why many of them come to Taylor, a Louisville native and Trinity High School graduate.

"I wake up everyday ready to get to the facility," Taylor said.  "Try to make an impact on somebody's life. Take someone to the next level."

"He took me to the next level. I saw real progression. Got a lot faster, a lot stronger," said Joel Bouagnon. He is a running back for the Green Bay Packers.

Former PRP and UofL Star, Brandon Dunn is in his fifth year in the league, and has worked with Taylor the whole time.

"Him being my trainer and I'm being the athlete, we created a bond," Dunn said.

That bond allows Taylor to heckle Dunn during his workouts. "Our baby daughters can do that weight. That's baby girl weight," he screamed as Dunn lifted.

"I actually like what he does here," Dunn said. "Just give me an extra edge so I can go and compete."

The motto here at Corey Taylor Sports Performance is Mindset is Everything, which means they work on more than just the physical side of athletics, but also the mental.

"It's more than just training," Taylor said. "It's about a purpose and figuring out what your passion is, and teaching people about a vision. And then once you have that, about going to get it."

"He's very good at connecting with people, and his passion just kinda comes out and tunnels through everyone else," Jacinda Sipes said. She is the assistant manager at the facility.

Cory has been in the training business for over 12 years, but still lights up every time he sees one of his guy making plays on Sundays

"When I ask so much from them, and then I see that hard work they put in payoff, and I see them on TV, or they say' hey come out to a game,' and they bring me to a game, and I get to see that. Oh man there's nothing better," Taylor says.

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