July 3, 2018

Missing Type Blood Drive

Missing Type Blood Drive

Blood donations are currently being distributed to hospitals as fast as donations are coming in. The Red Cross needs your help to ensure blood types don't go missing this summer.

American Red Cross Bus
WAVE 3 News, 725 S Floyd Street
Tomorrow, 11:30am-5:30pm
Reserve your donation time by clicking here. Enter sponsor code: wavenews
American Red Cross T-shirts for all presenting donors
1-800-Red Cross

Kate Bringardner

Kate is one of the WAVE Country women featured in this month's edition of Today's Woman Magazine. Kate loves to travel and she loves to travel alone. She gives advice on finding the best deals on airline tickets, finding accommodations, packing and staying safe while traveling solo. Follow Kate at @katebvocal on Instagram and read about her adventures in the July edition of Today's Woman Magazine.

Chef Kristina Addington

Chef Kristina Addington, owner of vegan food truck V-Grits, is on the cover of Today's Woman Magazine.

V-Grits and False Idol Independent Brewers will be opening a vegan restaurant and brewery at the end of the summer at 1025 Barret Avenue. Read about Chef Kristina in the July edition of Today's Woman Magazine at TodaysWomanNow.com.

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