Make it a Goode Morning! 7.9.18

WAVE 3 Weather Blog

Welcome to a new week!

It will be another hot one for us, but nothing excessive and it does come with a least one "lower humidity" day.

Here is the breakdown of the days ahead.  A more technical discussion will be on the video!

Heat will build despite passing clouds.  Highs a couple degrees either side of 90.  The heat index looks to average in the mid/upper 90s.
The main challenge today is timing/coverage of a few thunderstorms.  The clouds that formed just west of I-65 in KY look to help target the area most likely to see the pop-ups later.  The better risk for thunderstorms in general looks to be along/west of I-65 with a much more sparse look to the radar east.  Having said that, there will not be a ton of them today.  Just be aware for the ones that do pop, they will likely remain stationary until they fizzle out.  Which means you can get some strong wind gusts and up to 1" of rain out of them.  If your garden/yard is thirsty, hopefully it will be you!

We will increase the moisture and heat a few notches for this period.  At the same time, a cold front will be dropping in from the north.  Timing of the front and max heating of the day favors the area from SE IN, N KY and S OH as the prime spot to pick up the thunderstorms along it.  We will then get the "leftovers" to push south into the I-64 area.  There will be a few t-storms out ahead of this for any one location, but they look isolated.

As far as the frontal storms, there will be a risk for some damaging winds with these.  The winds aloft are weak, so they will highly depend on the fuel out there to get them to that point.  This also means they will fade as the sun angle lowers in the sky.  
We will keep an eye on the trends on this.
I should mention the heat index may briefly reach/exceed 100° before the risk for thunderstorms takes over.

This is our LOWER humidity day!  It may not show up on your work calendar :)  
The frontal passage should drop moisture levels a few notches to make it feel better than today and Tuesday, but ...not as nice as Saturday.  But hey, we can't complain, right?

The heat will build back in each day.  Isolated pop-up t-storms will be possible with most areas remaining dry and hot.  We will monitor the heat index during this period.

Another decent front moves in.  Rainfall chances go up, and temperatures look to ease down.  More on this setup on the video and in the coming days.

Make it a Goode Morning!!