Make it a Goode Morning! 7.10.18

Make it a Goode Morning! 7.10.18

A brief and minor drop in humidity coming before a fairly potent heat wave takes over.

So now that I have cheered you up :)

Here is how this looks to evolve...

This afternoon:
2 main areas for spotty thunderstorms to develop.  One generally across KY and along the Ohio River.  The other closer to the cold front just north of WAVE Country.  The first one will struggle with coverage, but any one thunderstorm has the chance to bust through this heat and produce very heavy rain and a gust of strong wind/small hail.  Those will be the exception rather that the rule. Keep that in mind.  The heat will remain the bigger element.
The second area of t-storms will have a better chance to produce warnings for wind/hail, but they will be up against the clock.  The longer they take to reach south into southern Indiana, the likelihood of them fading out.  
So will some of you get missed completely from the rain?  It isn't a question of SOME of you....more like MANY of you will get missed.

The cold front mentioned above will slide south during this period.  However, it will slow down in its speed in doing so.  This means the drier air will lag pushing into WAVE Country from the north.  It also means a spotty t-storm risk for those still along and south of it...which will be most of our KY counties.  The more north you are, the less the rain chance and "less humid" feel to the air.

Thursday Morning:
This is when I see the area taking the most advantage of the front with widespread 60s and humidity levels at least more tolerable.  It shouldn't feel too bad at all.  But we will have to wait until then it appears.

Thursday afternoon-Weekend:
With the trends showing a less than impressive coverage of rainfall the next couple days, the ground is having a chance to dry out.  This will start to impact the actual temperatures (setting heat index aside for a moment).  I am considering raising the highs into the 95-99 degree zone for the end of the week and part of this weekend.  98° is the hottest so far this season...reached just last week.
The heat index, in contrast, would actually be a bit lower compared to the last heat wave.  Still, it would register near 102-105 degrees at times.  
Either way, it is about to get really hot again!

Next week:
I am still seeing signs of a stormy pattern for the region. But just how active it turns out to be should always be questioned when coming out of a heat wave.  More on that trend on today's video posting here soon!

Make it a Goode Morning!