Make it a Goode Morning! 7.11.18

WAVE 3 Weather Blog

Hey Y'all!  
Ready to knock this humidity down a few notches?  Me too!
It is happening as I type this...from north to south in WAVE Country.

Louisville will have a few more hours to feel a difference and even then....we will be battling the heating of the day.

For those of you south of Louisville, the rain chance is still in tact until the front passes your neighborhood.  Considering the lack of rain chances ahead, I hope you get one of them!  Unfortunately, many will not. :(

You will really notice the humidity drop tomorrow morning when you open the door to head out.  Some areas will drop into the upper 50s! Not as nice as last Saturday, but we'll take it!

We will start to revert back to the hot/humid setup on Friday and certainly over the weekend.

As discussed yesterday, the dry ground is going to push our actual highs up into the mid/upper 90s.  The heat index will climb about 10 degrees higher than the actual temperature.  Which normally isn't too wild and fairly typical.  However, 10° above say 98° will push us into the danger zone again for heat indices.  I have a feeling we will have some Alert Days coming with this.

I did extend the heat into Sunday as the heat shield may be slow to break down.  Even if the air temp did drop a few degrees, the heat index would be more like 10-15° above that mark as moisture levels increase.  A few t-storms may pop at that time, but I just don't see much happening for the days leading up to that point.

A cold front is on tap to arrive next week and there are signs it will want to stall in the Ohio Valley.  The EURO model really likes this idea.  Hopefully that will be the case as we will need the rainfall certainly by that point.

I will be out for awhile so I will see you guys on the flip side!!

Make it a Goode Morning!!