Demolition to begin at Beecher Terrace

Demolition to begin at Beecher Terrace
Beecher Terrace is made up on 760 units. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For some time, the headlines coming out of Beecher Terrace included sirens, police and the homicide squad.

But now, the story appears to be changing.

"I'm excited about what's going to happen here," Markham French told us. He is a Case Manager with Urban Strategies, a national non-profit which helps distressed, urban neighborhoods, according to its website.

Beecher Terrace was built in 1941. Demolition on Phase 1 will begin later this summer. It will make room for a new housing complex with a focus on healthy living.

Beecher Terrace is made up of 760 units. About half of those families are now gone.

"For some people it's bitter sweet," French said. "There's a strong sense of community here."

Lawrence Thompson, who has lived in Beecher for two years, understands that. When we asked him what he thought of it being demolished, he worried about his neighbors.

"A lot of people who live here, they're getting distributed, pushed out," Thompson said. "So that's one thing I'm concerned about."

The amount of crime at the complex is no secret. Since 2016 there have been 52 cases of aggravated assault, 58 residential burglaries and two homicides.

"It has its ups and downs pretty much anywhere you go," Thompson said.

French said he believes the demolition is a chance to help the good people who've lived there, through a long list of resources.

People like Charmaine Moss.

"This will be my first home that I get to own," she said. "So I am really taking advantage of that because I have three kids and I would love to be a homeowner."

The project's cost is about $200 million. Part of that money was a $30 million grant.

Construction on the new complex will be complete in 2020.

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