Make it a Goode Morning! 7.25.18

WAVE 3 Weather Blog

Flirting with 90 degrees the next couple of days.

And who doesn't like to flirt?

So what about the rain chances?  They remain small today and spotty. Just like the past couple of days.

The difference in that thinking will come into play tomorrow with a cold front.

We will pick up a SW wind overnight (first time from that direction since last Friday) that will keep us warm/slightly muggy.  It will also allow for a potential 90 degree day.  The increasing cloud deck overhead by the afternoon would be the caveat there.

The front looks to arrive into southern IN by the late afternoon.  There is *some* wind energy upstairs as well as *some* fuel to work with.  This means the scattered thunderstorm forecast is still in tact for parts of southern IN in the late afternoon/early evening.  It is not a perfect setup for severe weather and really not perfect for thunderstorms for that matter.  But I can see that things are right there on the edge enough to keep the mention going.

Any thunderstorms should fade as they push with the front south toward KY during the late evening.  The question will then be whether or not more develop overnight?  It is possible.  This means the rain chance will remain in the forecast until the front clears the region.  That looks to happen near sunrise or so Friday.

The front does look progressive enough to take out the rain chance for the rest of Friday.  It also looks fairly cold aloft so there is a risk for clouds to fill back in during the day.  If that happens, expect some of you to remain in the 70s all day :)  Low to mid 80s where the sun holds the longest.  It will feel great, however :)

Saturday still looks to be the pick of the weekend.

Sunday won't be horrible, but more of a "summer" day as we have a chance to get close to 90 again as the south winds return.  There will be a risk for thunderstorms later in the day/night.  It continues to remain unclear whether or not anything strong will take place.  The timing of all of these features is still wobbling around to lock that idea in.

Either way, expect a rainy setup into Monday and Tuesday.  There is a chance to get a break from the rain Wednesday and/or Thursday, but it will likely fill back in by late week.

All of this action means temperatures will struggle to gain some ground with highs mainly in the 80s over the next 7-10 days.

Will the 90s return?  Yes.  I see that being the case after this pattern relaxes a bit.  Still plenty of summer to get through!

Make it a Goode Morning!