Make it a Goode Morning! 7.26.18

WAVE 3 Weather Blog

Only a few minor issues to track as we at least start the weekend.  It will be the end of the weekend into early next week that will involve more active weather that will likely get your attention.

A cold front is on its way to WAVE Country as we move into this evening overnight.  We will warm nicely through the 80s with the amount of clouds today determining if 90 is reachable again or not.  The first pop-up showers/thunder look to take place across southern IN after 4 or 5 pm.  They will be spotty, yet locally heavy with some gusty winds.  As the front reaches the Ohio River after sunset, many of the downpours will have faded.  As it continues to slide south through KY, there is a chance for the re-development of more downpours/thunderstorms.  The coverage of that looks limited right now but don't be surprised if you hear thunder tonight when you are trying to sleep.  
The severe t-storm risk with this setup is low, but a few may push close to that threshold.  Emphasis on " a few".

The front will be to our south when you wake up Friday morning.  Some decent sunshine is expected.  One thing to watch is that clouds may try to fill back in toward midday-mid afternoon as the air aloft turns colder.  Even a few sprinkles could develop from those.  It will feel good with highs in the 70s and lower 80s overall.

The coolest period looks to be Saturday morning with lows in the 50s and 60s and afternoon highs Saturday into 80s.

Warm front passes through.  It will turn more humid and a few t-storms will start to enter the picture.  I don't see widespread rain with this change at this time.  Sunday has a chance to get closer to 90 again if enough sunshine can hold on. 

This looks to be our most dynamic time for weather.  An upper low will dig way south into IL during this time.  We will be on the eastern side for most of its journey.  This will put on in the windy zone with period of rain passing through.  There will be embedded pieces of energy that will rotate around this low that (if the timing is right) could promote stronger thunderstorms at times.  This looks especially true east of I-65.  
There are still many questions on the details of this setup as it is a rare one to take place.  This means the models will need some time to adjust to the setup a bit more in order to give us (the meteorologists) the info we need to narrow down specifics.  But at least you have a general idea of what the potentials are.

Will the heat return after that?  It will certainly try.  I don't see excessive heat, but up to around 90 again is certainly on the table.

The video today will explain all of this mess on a more visual note.

Make it a Goode Morning!