Make it a Goode Morning! 8.1.18

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This pattern is going to be slow to shake it appears.

We remain in a zone where cold fronts are loving to hang out.  This is keeping us more cloudy than sunny, and off and on downpours/thunderstorms.  There are 2 fronts that at least help us focus the higher rain chances along.  One to our east near I-75 and one way west into IL.   Overall, the greater coverage of rain today will be east closer to the Eastern Kentucky front.  But even for the rest of us, spotty showers/t-storm can't be rule out.  This means temperatures will struggle through the 70s again with lower 80s where the sun can bust through.

I am seeing a signal for some fog tonight with such a weak wind flow and wet ground.  The clouds overhead will determine the coverage of that as a clearing sky would help promote the fog.

Thunderstorm chances remain Thursday...mainly east.

Once we move into Friday and the weekend, the Bermuda High to the east will stretch its legs along I-40 to the west.  This should allow for a less-focused chance for rain and a  more hot/humid setup with highs around 90 degrees and heat indices around 95.  Again, the rain will not be as focused but more isolated in nature during the heat of the afternoons.  Just keep that in mind for your weekend plans.  The added heat will mean slightly more intense downpours and damaging wind potential.

Another cold front arrives next week (near Tuesday or Wednesday) with more showers and thunderstorms.

The pattern still looks active toward mid-August with the hot stuff generally to our south/west.  More on that as we get closer.

Make it a Goode Morning!!

Now for a special treat...some cool weather videos from our weather intern.  Here is a note from Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned:

Meet Andria Myers from Shelbyville, KY who has been interning with us over the summer. She will soon head back west to resume her studies at The University of Oklahoma where she's pursuing a degree in meteorology. One of her projects over the past few weeks has been to create a video series that will help each visitor to our blog understand the weather a little better.  Check back over the next several days for her installment of Weather 101. 

Weather 101 Schedule
8/1/18 - Video 1 – Atmospheric composition, layers of the atmosphere & scales of the atmosphere.
8/2/18 - Video 2 – Basics of atmospheric motion, stability & instability, atmospheric force balances, convergence & divergence & wind shear.
8/3/18 - Video 3 – Basics of thunderstorms, common cloud types, life cycle of thunderstorm, raindrop charge separation, hail, tornado ingredients & shear.
8/6/18 - Video 4 – Basics of forecasting, weather models & soundings.
8/7/18 - Video 5 – Basics of winter storms, precipitation types & lake effect snow.
8/8/18 - Video 6 – Expand severe weather concepts, downbursts, gust fronts, scud clouds, etc. & air masses.
8/9/18 Video 7 – Basics of tropical weather, sea breeze, storm types, what makes a hurricane, formation & life cycle.

Many thanks to Andria's contribution to our team. We look forward to following her career in the years to come.