Make it a Goode Morning! 8.5.18

WAVE 3 Weather Blog

Happy Sunday!

It will be another hot one today as we climb to back to/above that 90 degree mark.  More importantly, the heat index will push back into that 95-100 degree range again.  Take it easy out there!

A few t-storms will be possible with the greater coverage expected across KY vs IN.

Expect the coverage to pick up a couple notches Monday.  Especially along/east of I-65.

The Alert Day is still out for Tuesday.  There are still some questions on the fuel part of this one.  The wind energy is still there.  It isn't overly strong, but if you were to combine it with decent fuel, warnings for damaging winds would then take place.  So we plan to keep the "heads up" going until the fuel part gets answered.  This continues to look like a low-end severe weather setup. Keep that in mind!!

As typically the case with these setups, any rain early in the day would help in cutting down that threat for the afternoon/evening.  In contrast, a dry morning would likely allow for more heating and a more  active afternoon/evening.

The front is showing signs of stalling near KY for late week.  We'll watch that.

The heat will try to build back for mid-month, but I do think it'll be slower than what the models are showing.

I will discuss more on the long term tomorrow and don't forget the Autumn Outlook comes out this week!  Details soon!

Make it a Great Day!