Make it a Goode Morning! 8.6.18

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Another hot one for us today as we push the heat index level close to 100 degrees at times this afternoon.

The main relief from that will be the scattered thunderstorms that will develop. The greatest potential for those looks to be along/east of I-65.  They look to contain some very heavy rainfall and downburst wind potential that could lead to an isolated severe thunderstorm warning.

Tuesday is when we start to experience the cold front to our north.  It is a slow mover.  This means we have a chance to once again push to around 90 degrees or so before thunderstorms roll in.  There looks to be 2 main waves.  One in the afternoon that would have a damaging wind threat.
The next one looks late with a more heavy rain/flash flooding threat.  
The Alert Day is out for the multiple waves and impacts we have on tap for the area.

The front will still be around on Wednesday as it continues to apply the breaks.  The concern here is the potential repeated rounds of heavy rain/thunderstorms.  The setup favors more of a flash flooding issue than severe thunderstorms.  Having said that, there is a chance the Alert Day could extend into Wednesday if the flooding issue continues to increase in the data.  
We have many school districts returning Wednesday morning across WAVECountry, so that will be a consideration as well.

After Wednesday, the front fades off the map with just spotty thunderstorms. 

Another front moves in over the weekend that will bring that rain chance back up again.  This could block the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower this weekend.  Let's hope this changes!!

The video today will cover all of the severe t-storm potential and the long range into mid-August.

Make it a Goode Day!


Now for a special video from our intern.  Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned has more:

Meet Andria Myers from Shelbyville, KY who has been interning with us over the summer. She will soon head back west to resume her studies at The University of Oklahoma where she's pursuing a degree in meteorology. One of her projects over the past few weeks has been to create a video series that will help each visitor to our blog understand the weather a little better.  Check back over the next several days for her installment of Weather 101. 

Weather 101 Schedule
8/6/18 - Video 4 – Basics of forecasting, weather models & soundings.
8/7/18 - Video 5 – Basics of winter storms, precipitation types & lake effect snow.
8/8/18 - Video 6 – Expand severe weather concepts, downbursts, gust fronts, scud clouds, etc. & air masses.
8/9/18 Video 7 – Basics of tropical weather, sea breeze, storm types, what makes a hurricane, formation & life cycle.

Many thanks to Andria's contribution to our team. We look forward to following her career in the years to come.