Alert Day Update 8.7.18

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The best way to explain this is by time periods...

Now- 4pm  
Main rain band over southern IN will fade more and more.  Spotty downpours elsewhere.  Main focus will be the heating as we push up to 90 or even a bit higher in spots.  The high levels of moisture will push the heat index into the mid to even upper 90s in some spots.

Fairly broad time period here but this when the spotty clusters of thunderstorms will pop on the radar.  Several look to be come strong with heavy rain, intense lightning and gusty winds up to 50 mph.  And a few could reach severe limits with quarter size size hail and wind gusts near 60 mph.  But not all locations will be impacted by such active weather during this time.  Just know this is the period to be more mindful of the risk.

Spotty showers possible. It will be quite muggy.

Next round of thunderstorms will develop near I-64 and track east.  The data is still varying on the location from I-64...north or south or even right along it.  The challenge in that is that we have to see how things unfold this evening to determine how this time period will play out.  The whole cause and effect idea.  But the will at least be energy passing through during this time to develop clusters of heavy rain.  Severe threat is quite low.  This is a heavy rain setup.

Periods of downpours/thunderstorms.  More of the off/on stuff.  We will need to monitor for flash flooding for those that get hit by all of the rounds above.

The front is still around.  The focus of rain looks more for KY than IN, but still scattered downpours expected.

Less coverage of thunderstorms.

Another front moves in and stall.  Scattered t-storm chance picks back up again.

The video will cover all of this plus a look into the following week as well!

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