Make it a Goode Morning 8.8.18

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The air outside remains quite humid...which keeps the rain chance in tact for awhile.  
As you may have noticed, it won't rain the entire time.  But when it for very heavy rain.

There is still some wiggle room for a few strong wind gusts and small hail, but the severe threat remains on the low side due to the lack of decent wind above us.  Having said that, you can still get some wind damage from these little we saw in the area yesterday.

The front that is the main focus for the rain chances will slowly fade off the weather map in the coming days.  Another front does drop in Saturday but the rainfall is starting to look late in the day if not at night.  Either way, the showers/thunderstorms will be scattered in fashion.

Next week is starting to flip around on us.  The battle of the heat to our west and cold fronts that keep dropping in...continues.

The overnight model runs are trying to push a warm front through Tuesday or Wednesday next week, followed by another cold front.
Some are more dramatic than others with this idea.  
The one aspect to watch is they do hint at some wind energy with this system so strong thunderstorms would once again be an issue.

Confidence is not high for next week at all, so be sure to keep checking back in for updates.  I know we have back-to-school action and the KY State Fair all taking place, so this will be a time period to get nailed down.  
As I say in the winter, let's give it more time in the oven.

Don't forget the Autumn 2018 Outlook will get issued during the Sunrise Show tomorrow (6am hour)!

Make it a Goode Morning!
Now for a special note from Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned!

Meet Andria Myers from Shelbyville, KY who has been interning with us over the summer. She will soon head back west to resume her studies at The University of Oklahoma where she's pursuing a degree in meteorology. One of her projects over the past few weeks has been to create a video series that will help each visitor to our blog understand the weather a little better.  Check back over the next several days for her installment of Weather 101. 

Weather 101 Schedule
8/8/18 - Video 6 – Expand severe weather concepts, downbursts, gust fronts, scud clouds, etc. & air masses.
8/9/18 Video 7 – Basics of tropical weather, sea breeze, storm types, what makes a hurricane, formation & life cycle.

Many thanks to Andria's contribution to our team. We look forward to following her career in the years to come.