Senator McGarvey on potential JCPS security force: 'I have reservations about it'

Should JCPS have its' own security force

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - This could be the last year many law enforcement officers from many area agencies work in the halls of JCPS schools. The district is considering creating its' own security force.

This is not a good idea according to former Jefferson County GOP Chairman Bill Stone. He told WAVE 3 News Anchor Scott Reynolds that "I'm very reluctant to let this school board manage anything else. I don't think the school district is capable of managing an effective police force."

The school board didn't vote on the proposal this past week that would not only create a force within the district but would put officers in every middle and high school. JCPS currently pays about 3.5 million dollars for its' contracts to form the existing security team. Starting a JCPS controlled force would cost more than two million dollars to create and close to nine million annually. However, the number of officers would increase by about fifty percent to cover all the middle and high schools.

"I have questions and reservations about it," Democratic State Senator Morgan McGarvey said. "I definitely want more information, I want someone to show me how this is better for the kids. McGarvey also wants to know how it would be managed and what kind of force would be authorized. So far, JCPS hasn't said if the plan would include arming the officers."

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