Rita Evacuees Arrive in Louisville

 Nearly 80 Rita evacuees are now right here in Louisville.
 They arrived on a plane from Texas early Friday morning, many of them are elderly and in need of medical care.
 But, as WAVE 3's Justin Wilfon reports, for some of them, being evacuated is nothing new.

It was a flight from Texas, but for some it was a trip that started somewhere else.
 "New Orleans, Louisiana," said evacuee, Nicole Cloud-Williams.
 78 evacuees dodging hurricane Rita, just weeks after some of them escaped Katrina.
 "We've been gone from home -- it feels like about a month now," said Nicole.
 The Kentucky Air Guard was the latest stop, for Nicole and her fiance, Siles.
 "We was in the Superdome for two weeks, and we got through with that then they sent us to Arkansas," said Siles. "Then we (went to one city in Texas), then we went to another part of Texas and that's how we get here in Kentucky." 
 But they are among the lucky.
 Many people on this flight, were taken off on gurneys, brought here for medical care.
 Siles's uncle is one of them.
 "He had a stroke and kidney failure," said Siles.
 The evacuees' early morning arrival at the air guard was arranged at the last minute.   Officials began preparing Thursday.
 "It's humbling to help these folks out, these patients," Chief Mark Grant of the Kentucky Air Guard.   "But it also makes you proud.   Proud to be a part of this country and that everyone pitches in like this."

The evacuees are hoping it is the end of a journey full of struggles, and sadness.  "We sat in the superdome for two weeks," said siles.   "We watched people get killed, watched people get raped, people get thrown over the thing.   I mean there was so much going on, so much chaos." 
 But now, this one plane ride, could bring many people, peace.
 "I'm ready to go to some home, where I can live my life normal again," said Nicole.
 Most of the evacuees were taken to area hospitals and nursing homes. Their families were taken to shelters.
 Another flight with 50 more patients arrived in Lexington Friday morning.
 Officials say it is possible another flight full of patients may arrive in Louisville Saturday night.