Spyware-A Leading Cause of Identity Theft

Computer Solutions continues to see spyware infections as the leading cause of PC problems.

Spyware is a broad term for a variety of programs that install themselves on your computer without permission. These programs are created and distributed for someone else's profit. The results are numerous, unwanted and can be financially devastating.

Spyware often has the ability to broadcast your computer's sensitive information over the Internet. Things like passwords, keystrokes, browsing habits, email and instant message conversations, credit card numbers, social security numbers and more can be stolen without your knowledge.

Spyware is the cyberage equivalent of someone trespassing in your business or home and one of the leading causes of identity theft. In some cases, systems can crash from an overload of spyware, resulting in the loss of irreplaceable data.

Symptoms of spyware infection include:

  • The appearance of pop-up advertisements even when you're not on the web or your browser is closed.
  • The page your web browser first opens to (your home page) has changed without your knowledge.
  • The appearance of a new browser toolbar that you didn’t install.
  • Sluggish computer performance.
  • A sudden rise in computer crashes.

Every computer user should be concerned about the potential harm that stems from unsafe web surfing.