PC Shopping Tips

Shopping for a new system can be frustrating and confusing for the average PC user.

One source is the local computer superstore which typically features a dozen or so pre-built systems bearing recognizable brand names. Unfortunately these computers usually have a limited, one year warranty and several proprietary parts which are difficult and expensive to replace. Invariably the superstores also sell televisions, appliances and other items unrelated to PCs and the staff has marginal product knowledge at best.

Mail order is another option. In these situations there's a good chance the company representative is working on commission, so a hard sell for their most expensive system (rather than the advertised PC) is the norm rather than the exception.

A local company that specializes in computer sales and service is your best choice for expert advice and information. Computer Solutions will work with you to assess your present and future needs while staying within your budget. For example; if a more powerful system is the lone driving force behind your purchase, then it's unnecessary to bog you down (and inflate the price) with an array of unwanted, low end software which is typical of pre-built computers.

Ultra PCs from Computer Solutions adhere to Microsoft's rigid standards for reliability and are assembled in the United States from the highest quality components. Ultra PCs face a factory inspection and thorough scrutiny by Computer Solutions prior to delivery. Our systems come with a generous three year hardware warranty, on-site service, free standalone setup and lifetime virus protection updates. Savings from the cost of an annual virus subscription can be $150 or more over a five year span.

Computer Solutions can come to your office or home with a detailed price quote and answer any question you may have.