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Asiatique Review

San Francisco, a city that boasts the most restaurants in the world would be honored to have the presence of Asiatique gracing its hills.  Instead, bluegrass laden Louisville (home to the most restaurants in the US per capita) is fortunate to stake claim to one of the country's premier restaurants offering flavours from the Pacific Rim. 

Describing the art of Pacific Rim cuisine simply stated is the culinary art of East meeting west.  Combining Asian based cooking techniques in a western setting with a philosophy of healthy dining; Chef Peng Looi has created a savory menu that repeatedly dazzles.

Showcasing the menu is an assortment of dishes featuring two categories of entree preparations, wok and grilled.  What truly sets Asiatique apart from typical Pacific Rim cooking is Chef Loo's infusion of savory sauces made from fruit and vegetable juice-based vinaigrettes and purees rather than heavy oils.  The end result is incredibly healthy dining and taste buds that would do a dance if they could.

Coupled with the entrees is a throng of exciting appetizers, each with the same creative flair as the rest of the menu.  Unique to the wine list and almost unheard of in today's restaurants is the selection of splits (half bottles).  Beverage manager JR was awarded the bronze medal from Restaurant Hospitality's "Best Wine List in America Contest" (short list) for 2001. Great pride abounds in Asiatique?s masterfully created wine ensemble.

Rounding off Asiatique's menu is a fun selection of desserts.  A definite must is splurging for the five assorted creme brulees.  You?re in for a real treat at just a bit more than a buck a brulee.

The success of Asiatique yields proof that Louisvillian?s have finally become dining sophisticates.  We bow our heads to the entire staff of Asiatique for a stupendous culinary experience. 

Asiatique is located at 1767 Bardstown Road. Telephone: 502-451-2749

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