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Omar's Gyros Review

Sam and Diane aren't here, but this may be Louisville's answer to "Cheers." When you walk in, owner Angelo Boone really does smile. He may not remember your name, but he will remember your face, and by your third or fourth visit you'll feel like you're visiting a friend.

The real reason to return, however, is the gyros. Whether you order the GQ with BBQ chicken, the traditional with beef and lamb, or the Rasta stuffed with jerk chicken, the sandwiches are healthy, tasty, and all under $7. Boone, a Kentucky native in an intriguing Rastafarian hat, will custom-design your gyro with lettuce, tomato, onions, hummus, falafel and a yogurt or spicy red sauce. Those who are not even pretending to be on Atkins can cap their meal with a piece of baklava. And if you are on the Atkins diet, we strongly urge you to stop that nonsense before you start pushing up the daisies like Atkins himself. 

Have you ever dreamed of finding fast food that was healthy and delicious? Omar's Gyros is the answer to that wish.

No extra charge, by the way, for some necessary handi-wipes after the meal, or for that life-affirming smile and friendly hello from Angelo. (Omar, by the way, no longer works here.)© Reviewed by Dina Kaplan (

Omar’s Gyros is located at 969 1/2 Baxter Avenue. Telephone: 502-454-4888

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