Local Doctor Makes Another Run For Gold In Bobsled Event

By Carrie Weil

(JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind.) -- Four years ago, Kentuckiana cheered on Jeffersonville's Doug Sharp in the Winter Olympics. His bobsled team brought home the bronze, ending a 50-year medal drought in the sport. Afterwards he was on to new dreams. But a recent phone call may have him back on track for a gold. WAVE 3's Carrie Weil has the story.

It was the ride of a lifetime, with the look of a storybook ending, all wrapped in bronze. But the making of Doug Sharp's Olympic dream was anything but happily ever after.

"The year of the Olympics the coaches had no faith, the USOC had no faith, and the U.S. Bobsled had no faith in our team," Doug said. "They pulled all of our funding and all of our sleds -- pulled everything."

But Doug and his three teammates raced past their critics, making it to the medal stand to claim the bronze. And for Doug, that was enough. "I was finished, done, satisfied, walked off the top of the mountain with a bronze medal.

Since the winter games at Salt Lake City, Dr. Doug Sharp has pursued other dreams, opening a chiropractic office along River Road. Business has been good, but then came a phone call from a German driver named Stephan Bosh, now a U.S. citizen, with a plea Doug couldn't refuse.

"'Do this for me and we'll prove to them that we can do this. And I will make sure you're on my Olympic team. And even if you have to leave and go run your office for a month I will bring you back. No other driver is like that, every other driver is out for themselves.'"

But even gold medals don't pay the bills, and with a business to grow, Doug says this Olympic run will have to be different.

"The businessmen in Louisville better get their pocketbooks ready, and I'm serious about that," Doug said.

Balancing business and Olympic dreams could be a slippery slope. But Doug says "the way I looked at this is I have absolutely nothing to lose."

Now Doug has the opportunity to possibly write a chapter of Olympic glory his way.

Doug is competing in the U.S. Bobsled Nationals over the weekend of Oct. 22-23. The top three teams will then be in the running for the Olympics.

Online Reporter: Carrie Weil

Online Producer: Michael Dever