Inmate Slips Away From Metro Corrections

By Carrie Weil

(LOUISVILLE) -- Louisville Metro Corrections was minus one inmate Friday after a man locked up for drug crimes walked away from the jail early Friday morning. It was an escape made easier by his good standing in the past. WAVE 3's Carrie Weil reports.

George Cash, 36, blew that good standing around 5:50 a.m. when he walked away from the jail while on trash duty.

And now corrections officers and Louisville Metro Police officers are on the lookout.

Cash had been in custody since June for methamphetamine and drug trafficking charges. But the jail's director, Tom Campbell, says Cash was classified as a work aide, allowing him to perform duties outside his dormitory around the jail.

Cash was also allowed outside access, and he was outside when he made his escape. We're told Cash, another inmate and a corrections officer were at the rear of the jail, emptying trash into a dumpster around 6 a.m. Friday.

That's when jail officials say Cash simply disappeared. A gate granting access to the dumpster from the street was unlocked. We're told that's OK, because it's not part of the secured area of the jail.

The corrections officer supervising the two inmates simply didn't see Cash slip away, but when he noticed he was missing, the officer secured the second inmate, then reported the escape to his supervisor.

Cash was wearing an orange jumpsuit at the time, with the word "JAIL" on the back. He also has a large tattoo of an angel on his neck. He has thinning black hair and had a goatee when he was last seen.

Campbell says the investigation into the Cash's escape includes "looking at phone records, correspondence -- anything we can find to see if there was any pre-planning or if this was a spur of the moment type of thing."

Campbell says he believes the corrections officers supervising Cash followed procedures.

"At this point we don't think he did anything wrong," Campbell said. "Obviously, he had two inmates under his supervision. He turned to do other responsibilities that they do all the time and the inmate took advantage of the opportunity and left."

If you've seen Cash or think you may know where he is, you're asked to call the crime tipline at 574-LMPD (574-5673).

Online Reporter: Carrie Weil

Online Producer: Michael Dever