Sunrise Home Makeover - Kitchen Option 4

Top 10 Reasons Why This Kitchen Should Be Selected

1. Have a 30-year old avocado refrigerator that is hot-glued together.
2. Cabinet drawers are so loud that when you open them, dogs in the neighborhood start barking.
3. Exact countertops and cabinets as in the house I grew up - which they don't make any more.
4. Use toaster oven to bake with as stove may or may not work, it's always a guessing game.
5. Faucet and spray leak so that you have to leave spray in the sink all the time.
6. Floor looks like it has undergone "mini-earthquakes". No matter how much you scrub it, it never looks clean and is also avocado.
7. All I need is some shag carpeting, beaded curtains, a strobe light and some incense - it's 1970 all over again.
8. With all my avocado appliances as well as my avocado floor, I am surrounded by so much avocado, I feel I'm living in a huge bowl of guacamole.
9. After years of apartment living with dishwashers, I now have to wash all the dishes by hand.
10. I do wonder though, since I have gone back in time, why doesn't my mother have my breakfast ready in the morning when I get up?