Auto Accident Injuries

A person who negligently operates a vehicle is required by law to pay for any and all damages caused. All operators of vehicles must drive with "reasonable care under the circumstances". If such care is not used and an accident occurs, they are responsible for all damages.

If you have been injured through the carelessness, negligence or irresponsible behavior of another driver, you probably have a valid personal injury claim. Since most of the time you will suffer some form of loss, whether it be income, physical,or emotional, our legal system provides you with a limited time within which to pursue your claim. You should therefore contact us immediately.

If you are the victim of an auto accident, it's smart to be prepared for what may lie ahead. Along with any physical injuries you may have to attend to, people get caught up in the emotional turmoil and confusion of the situation. There are so many things to deal with - the other people involved, the police, and the insurance companies. Signing the wrong papers could mean you've settled for less than you deserve.

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