Defective Product Injuries

Each year, thousands of people suffer serious injuries because of defective products. Many die. Oftentimes, these victims are children.

Millions of toys, playpens, cribs, infant carriers, car seats, romper sets, strollers, and even teddy bears have been recalled after causing injuries and even fatalities. When a person is injured by a dangerous product, he or she may have a products liability action against the seller or manufacturer of the product.

Although you may have a claim because you actually bought the product and were injured, you may also have a claim if you were an innocent bystander and were injured, or if you borrowed the product from a friend, used it, and were injured. A products liability claim can be brought against the manufacturer of the product as well as the supplier, distributor or retailer of the product.

Manufacturers and sellers of dangerous goods can be liable for their negligence under various circumstances, including:

  • Failure to inspect or test the product before placing it on the market; Creating a flaw in the product;
  • Failing to discover a flaw in a product;
  • Failure to discover that the product could be dangerous;
  • Failure to warn or adequately warn of a risk or hazard associated with the product.

The seller and manufacturer can also be liable for strict products liability. Here, proof of negligence isn't necessary. So long as it can be shown that the product was defective and unreasonably dangerous, you may be able to recover.

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