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My father, who is also one of my valued clients, recently lost his home and businesses in the F4 tornado that hit western Kentucky on 11/15/2005. As a professional risk manager, I assist people everyday in reviewing their coverages to make sure that they are well prepared and protected should a need ever arise like my father experienced.

I have always believed in the value of what I do for a living, but have never had the personal experience of a catastrophic loss within my book of business until now. There's nothing like looking into the eyes of the man who supported you while growing up in all of your endeavors, and now being able to tell him, both as his son and risk manager, that I'm going to take care of him.

I see everyone within my book of business as though they are family, because this is one of the only professions where a client pays you for the promise of delivery in a time of need. I always tell people that I'm in the relationship business versus the transaction business for this very reason.

It's the power of each and every relationship that I forge that helps to ensure the right fit of preparedness and protection for each individual and family that I encounter. In addition, my risk management practice believes in educating and informing each and every person on the laws of insurance and the options available to them through Allstate. If people are well informed, then they can make a good decision that brings meaning behind the valuable protection that their premium affords them.