General Questions

Ask these general questions to help ensure your personal preparedness and protection:

Does your current provider offer a personal sit down review of your policies at least 2 times a year?
Remember, your needs are a moving target, and may not be the same now as they were at inception of your current policy.

What processes are in place within the agency you deal with to help ensure a proactive response to any potential threats to the renewal of your policy versus a reactive response to an angry call?
You may be in a cancellation status and not realize it.

How are your claims handled, and who do you have to call if your needs occur in the middle of the night?
I make myself personally available 24/7 by cell phone to all of my clients, because I hate to call a 1-800 number and spend 5 minutes before I can speak with someone I've never met.

Are your concerns or questions addressed expeditiously, and in a friendly and professional manner?
We endeavor to answer general questions of concern for a client by the end of the same business day. Please remember that if an accident occurs, we are available 24/7 by cell phone.