Homeowner/Condominium Owner/Landlord/Commercial/Renter Questions

Ask these Homeowner/Condominium Owner/Renter questions to help ensure your personal preparedness and protection:

Are you familiar with the limitations of certain personal property items within your dwelling?
Most policies that I've seen have standard limitations, and they could have significant meaning to you in a time of need.

Do you have replacement coverage for your personal property contents or actual cash value?
There is a big difference between the two, and you don't want to wait and find out about it if/when a need arises.

Does your policy offer inflation guard, and are you familiar with what this entails? Are you protected with law and ordinance coverage?
If not, this could be significant in a time of need.

How much additional living expense do you have with your policy? Are you protected against water/sewer back-up coverage?
It has to be endorsed onto your policy for coverage to exist in most cases.

Do you have an umbrella policy?
Also known as excess liability coverage-very critical policy.

Have you been informed on how to properly account for all of you personal property items, including your scheduled items in the event of a need?
We have a 3 step process to help you with this inventory task that the adjuster will need should you ever have a claim.

If you own a business, do you have a policy to cover not only contents but loss of income/rent?
My dad was recently thankful for this when an F4 took out both of his businesses and a profitable rental property.