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Step 1: Place an Order

Our minimum order of entrées is six, but you can add as many entrées as you like. Orders of twelve or more receive 15% percent off - that's like getting two FREE entrées while paying for only ten! Many of our customers prefer to have us assemble their entrées for a slight additional charge. Most entrees average about $3.00 per serving.

When you're ready to place an order, select the entrées from the list on the order form. Each entrée has 4 to 6 servings. Are you having guests over or is your family large? Then select two or three of the same entrée. Smaller families may choose to divide each of their entrées in half. Regular and half sized pans are provided for you at Entrée Vous; just let the staff know which pans you would prefer. For dinners assembled into zip-top freezer bags, you may use as many bags as you need.

Next, reserve a date and time for your class or request a pick up date. Payment methods are listed at the bottom. All disposable containers are provided for packaging your entrees, including shopping bags for loading into your car.

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  • Step 2: Put It All Together

    Step 2: Put It All Together

    Friday, January 13 2006 12:26 PM EST2006-01-13 17:26:18 GMT
    Once you arrive at our kitchen, you will pick up a copy of your entrée choices. Then start at any of the workstations to assemble your entrées. All of the ingredients will be ready for you. The recipeMore >>
  • Step 3: Enjoy Yourself

    Step 3: Enjoy Yourself

    Friday, January 13 2006 12:26 PM EST2006-01-13 17:26:43 GMT
    The class time should take about one to two hours depending on how many entrées you are assembling. We want you to enjoy yourself while here. Dress comfortably and leave your high-heeled shoes at homeMore >>
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