Boney's Autobiography - An Outline

Charles Boney's unfinished manuscript is titled: "Backbone: The Autobiography Of Charles D. Boney."

The handwritten manuscript was submitted as evidence Monday during Charles Boney's murder and conspiracy trial in Floyd County. The Table of Contents lists 19 Chapters, but only nine were finished.

The writings from "Backbone: The Autobiography of Charles D. Boney" were the first evidence prosecutors submitted showing a handgun Boney supplied to David Camm was used in the September 2000 killings of Camm's wife Kimberly, 35, and their children, Bradley, 7, and Jill, 5.

Prosecutors say Camm conspired with Boney to commit the murders. Boney has been on trial the last couple weeks in New Albany, about 100 miles west of Boonville, where Camm was being tried.

Jail staff found two chapters from Boney's book in his jail cell shortly before the trial began. The other seven chapters were taken in January from the Louisville, Ky., home of Boney's sister.

Boney, who was released from jail three months before the murders, wrote in the manuscript that he believed the autobiography will earn him $13 million. In it, he congratulates himself for evading investigators and then berates himself for what he says is manipulation by Camm throughout the text.

"How could I have been so stupid as to trust David Camm?" he wrote.

Although unfinished, the Table Of Contents listed 19 chapters, as follows:

  1. My Early Years
  2. You Go, College Boy
  3. I Love Uncle Sam
  4. The Shoe Bandit
  5. The Family Guy
  6. Back Inside
  7. Strike Two
  8. Doing Time
  9. Independence Day
  10. Shortcut
  11. Camm-Bodia
  12. Weathering The Storm
  13. A New Umbrella
  14. Caught Up
  15. Benedict Arnold
  16. The Chess Game
  17. Media Frenzy
  18. Holding On
  19. The Trial