Sunrise Home Makeover - Home Theatre Option 3

Top 10 Reasons Why This Room Should Be Selected

1. Our sump pump was accidentally turned off which caused our basement to fill with 1 to 3 inches of water.
2. My 87-year-old grandpa did most of the original work to finish the basement.
3. Our carpet is patterned with various stains (water, tea, paint).
4. I reupholstered our 15-year-old couches myself.
5. We had to saw the legs down on one couch in order for it to fit down the stairs.
6. the back of our TV armoire has a large hole cut out of it.
7. We laid the carpet ourselves (after "the flood") and glued the seams together using a hot glue gun.
8. The sofa covers were put together with needle and thread and my staple gun and - you guessed it -- my hot glue gun.
9. Our TV cabinet is damaged due to the fact my husband wouldn't ask for help when we moved it down the stairs.
10. As you can tell, we're a "do it yourself" type family. If not chosen, my husband wants us to pull up the carpet and paint the cement floor ourselves! Please help!