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Sunrise Home Makeover - Home Theatre Option 5

Top 10 Reasons Why This Room Should Be Selected

1. A family room should be warm, fun and inviting. Ours is drab, unattractive and certainly not welcoming enough to entertain.
2. We love movies and enjoy watching television together.
3. I would love to be able to stretch out on a recliner and relax!
4. No one is ever happy with where they have to sit when we watch movies. We would love theatre style seating!
5. Our room needs to be modernized! Our current furnishings and wall unit belonged to my mother-in-law in the early 1980's.
6. Our family room is very long and narrow which has made it hard to situate the furniture.
7. The gift of a viewing room would be enjoyed by our family for many, many years because we plan to grow old in this home.
8. I would get a break from hearing my husband complain about his friends who have "the perfect TV room".
9. When my kids are teenagers, they'll want to stay home and enjoy their viewing room with all their friends instead of running around unsupervised (I can hope, right?).
10. We would truly be thankful for a room like this because we could finally have a fun place to entertain our family and friends!

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